Mountain Man Triathlon

June 27nd, 2020

600M* Swim in the mighty Snake River
17K* Bike
through the wooded foothills of Alpine
6K* Run
along the scenic Greys River

The Mountain Man Triathlon (MMT) is a sprint triathlon held in Alpine, Wyoming, in conjunction with Alpine Mountain Days. This race is fast becoming a favorite in the region due to its beautiful scenery and versatile course. The course is challenging enough for intermediate levels, but easy enough to cut your triathlon teeth. The triathlon is organized by Star Valley Health’s Charitable Foundation and is supported by Star Valley Search & Rescue, Alpine Fire & EMS, and SVH EMS.

* Approximate lengths.  Course changes slightly each year due to water levels.  For more course and race information, continue to scroll to bottom of this page.


Registration closes at 7:00 p.m. during the pre-race meeting. No Entries Allowed Day of Race.

No refunds.  If your plans change, your entry fee will be converted to a donation to the Charitable Foundation.  Transfers can be made up to the pre-race meeting – contact the race coordinator at 307-885-5956.

This event is limited to 100 participants age 16 and older, so don’t delay!    

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Entry fees: 

Now – May 31                        Individual    $60.00                   Team       $150.00
(shirt guaranteed day of race)

June 1 – June 27                     Individual     $70.00                  Team       $180.00
(shirt will be ordered after race)

 Pay Here!

Racer Information:

Transition Stations open at 7:00 am

Race Begins with a Mountain Man Cannon Shot at 8:00 am

There will be a Racer’s meeting on June 26th at 7pm at the Civic Center Tent in Alpine Wyoming. Racers are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting to get their racer’s packet, information on the course, and sign their consent forms. Racers who do not attend this meeting MUST contact Pam Wolfley at 307-885-5956 to make other arrangements.

Course Information:

Course Map (used when water levels are lower)*
Course Map (used when water levels are higher)*

Swim:  Participants will enter the water at the old boat dock southeast of the bridge.  The exit is at the primary boat dock on the north east side of the bridge.  Swim temperatures average about 45 – 50° at this time of the year and flow can vary widely, from 8600 CFS – 23000 CFS.  The current has been known to change from year to year as well.  

Bike:  The course can run from 13K to 17K, and is altered each year to accommodate water levels. There is some blacktop, but approximately 90% of the course is through the gravel foothill trails northeast of Alpine.

Run: Starting at the substation located on the east of town, the running course winds through the cozy neighborhoods of Alpine, then turns off the road into the trails aside the Greys River. The run course varies from 5.5K to 7K as the course is adjusted for water levels.

* Please note that even these maps may vary some depending on water levels.


Engraved Tomahawk hatchet on counter with feather & beads
The coveted Mountain Man Triathlon Hatchet Award will be provided to the first to finish in each of the Mens and Womens classes, and the first team to finish, regardless of whether they are mens, womens, or mixed.

All Finishers will receive a Participant Collector’s Coin.

The Award Ceremony will be held at the Mountain Days Tent in downtown Alpine, near the finish line, at approximately 10 am.

Head to our Facebook page for up to date information on water conditions, course alterations, latest signups and more!