Star Valley Primary Care + Urgent Care:
One building – 2 Great Services

Life is complicated. When you require healthcare, complicated is the last thing you need.  For the convenience of our community and to better serve our patients, Star Valley Health has combined our urgent care into our primary care clinic buildings in both Alpine and Afton.  One building, 2 great services.

When you need care urgently and your doctor is out of the office or booked up, Star Valley Urgent Care is right there to provide you a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Our experienced urgent care staff is ready to help you feel well—sooner—in same building that your physician is located.  No more running across to another building to get care – it’s all in one place, for your convenience.

Call 911 immediately in the case of a life-threatening emergency!
You cannot request an ambulance through this website.
If you require an ambulance, please call 911.

Afton Clinic + Urgent Care

110 Hospital Lane
Afton, WY 83110
FAX: 307-885-3310

Alpine Clinic + Urgent Care

230 Elk Run
Alpine, WY 83128
FAX: 307-654-7201

Bridger Valley + Urgent Care

3580 WY-414
Lyman, WY 82937
FAX: 307-786-4016

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