What is the Transitional Care and Rehab Program?

Not everyone is strong enough to return to everyday living after an illness or surgery requiring a hospital stay. Some patients need extra time to recuperate and recover before returning home. Star Valley Health’s Transitional Care and Rehab Program, sometimes referred to as swingbed, can help patients regain strength and independence in a timely manner.

What does the program typically include?

Star Valley Health’s Transitional Care and Rehab program can help patients make a smooth transition between an hospital stay and their return home – all while keeping the patient close to family and friends in Star Valley. This closeness to home and loved ones is proven to help in the recovery process. Transitional care in Star Valley can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and skilled nursing.

Can I still use the program if I had my procedure at another hospital?

Absolutely! Depending on the procedure or illness, we are able to coordinate care and assist you through our transitional care program, even if you’ve been treated elsewhere.

Who benefits from this program?

  • Those needing care after orthopedic surgery, such as joint replacement or fractures.
  • Patients recovering from an accident, injury, or illness
  • People who have difficulty getting up, walking, or climbing stairs.
  • Others who need help with basic daily needs such as getting around the house, dressing, showering, and grooming.

Advantages of Transitional Care at SVH

  • Close to home, family, and friends
  • Low patient to nurse ratio
  • Hospitalist on duty
  • 24 hour emergency care
  • Physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy
  • Dietician, pharmacist and discharge planning services
  • Lab, imaging, and surgery availability

For more information about Star Valley Health’s Transitional Care and Rehab Program, please call 307-885-5800.

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