Convenient, high-quality infusion care close to home.

When you require regular infusion services, having a top-tier medical center right in your neighborhood is so important—and it can save you a lot of time and frustration. We understand how important it is to have family and friends nearby to offer additional support during this trying time. That’s why we’re proud to offer infusion services right here in Afton.

At Star Valley, a chemotherapy registered nurse and pharmacist—who are both specifically trained to meet your unique needs—will work together to administer your infusion treatments. With us, you’ll find friendly faces and caring neighbors who take time to prioritize your health and comfort.

If you are currently receiving your treatments outside of Star Valley and would like to begin treatments with us, here at home, please have your doctor call and refer your treatment to our facility.

We frequently work with out-of-town providers to provide infusion services. Whether you’re visiting our area, relocating or receiving care from outside the area, you can continue to undergo convenient, high quality care here.

Equipped with the latest technology and leading edge infusion therapy methods

Throughout the years, Star Valley Health has remained at the forefront of the advancements in healthcare and healthcare technology. In fact, one of the many benefits our infusion center offers is safe, reliable infusion therapy using only state-of-the-art vascular access devices, equipment and infusion pumps.

Comprehensive treatments and procedures to help you stay well

Our doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are dedicated to making your experience as comfortable and easy as possible. If you have questions or concerns, please let us know, and we will help in any way we can. Our comprehensive infusion treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy and supportive therapies
  • Blood transfusion
  • Hydration therapy
  • Emphysema treatment (Prolastin, Zemaira)
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (Remicade)
  • Multiple sclerosis (Solumedrol, Tysabri, Ocrevus)
  • Osteoporosis (Prolia, Reclast, Zometa)
  • Iron deficiency anemia (Feraheme, Injectafer)

If you’re still traveling for hours, once a week or more, it’s time to make the switch. The Star Valley infusion center offers high-quality care that’s conveniently located close to your home. To learn more about the Star Valley infusion center, or to schedule an appointment, call 307-885-5944. You can also use our easy online form.

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