Ezekial Mendenhall, DPT

Zeke Mendenhall DPT “I enjoy helping people understand how they can help themselves. It’s exciting to see how patients can gain confidence in their ability to improve their function at home, work, or recreation. I enjoy all aspects of Physical Therapy, from home health, hospital, to outpatient.” Phone: 307-883-7878 Fax: 307-883-7877 Certifications & Education DPT: … Continued

Jessica Draney Hall, DPT

Jessica Draney Hall, DPT “After experiencing sports-related injuries as an athlete, it was physical therapy that enabled me to return to the field, and I decided that I wanted to do the same for others. It is rewarding to help others return to their previous physical status and achieve the higher quality of life they … Continued

Matt Harris, DPT

Matt Harris , DPT “I enjoy helping people feel better and get back to what they love doing. When I was younger, I experienced back pain, and it was physical therapy that helped me. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the PT experience, and I’d always been interested in the medical field. I hope to be … Continued

Dan Jeske, MPT

Dan Jeske, MPT “I love helping people, and I’ve always enjoyed putting myself in situations where I can help someone who needs it. I became a physical therapist because it involves helping people and making a real difference in their lives each and every day. I strive to give them all the time and attention … Continued

Dave Johnson, MPT

Dave Johnson, MPT “In college, I loved learning about anatomy and physiology. In addition, one of my mentors when I was young was a physical therapist. Together, these helped me to know that becoming a physical therapist was the right choice for me. It is a joy to get to know my patients, spend time … Continued

Cache Kennington, DPT

Cache Kennington, DPT “I became a physical therapist because I wanted to help people. Since beginning my practice, I’ve found that I really enjoy not just developing relationships with my neighbors here in Star Valley but the opportunity to help improve their quality of life. As a physical therapist, it’s exciting to have the expertise … Continued

Korry Wheeler, DPT

Korry Wheeler, DPT “My dad has been a physical therapist for 40+ years, and I have been around this profession my whole life. I love the opportunity to build a relationship with patients in a unique way. Working with patients as frequently and consistently as Physical Therapists do, allows a unique opportunity to get to … Continued