Ezekial Mendenhall, DPT

Ezekial Mendenhall, DPT   DPT: Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions – Provo, UT BS: Exercise Science and Wellness, Brigham Young University – Provo, UT For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Zeke, call 307-883-7878. You can also request an appointment using our easy online form.

Jessica Draney Hall, DPT

Jessica Draney Hall, DPT “After experiencing sports-related injuries as an athlete, it was physical therapy that enabled me to return to the field, and I decided that I wanted to do the same for others. It is rewarding to help others return to their previous physical status and achieve the higher quality of life they … Continued

Matt Harris, DPT

Matt Harris , DPT "I enjoy helping people feel better and get back to what they love doing. When I was younger, I experienced back pain, and it was physical therapy that helped me. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the PT experience, and I’d always been interested in the medical field. I hope to be … Continued

Dan Jeske, MPT

Dan Jeske, MPT “I love helping people, and I’ve always enjoyed putting myself in situations where I can help someone who needs it. I became a physical therapist because it involves helping people and making a real difference in their lives each and every day. I strive to give them all the time and attention … Continued

Dave Johnson, MPT

Dave Johnson, MPT “In college, I loved learning about anatomy and physiology. In addition, one of my mentors when I was young was a physical therapist. Together, these helped me to know that becoming a physical therapist was the right choice for me. It is a joy to get to know my patients, spend time … Continued

Cache Kennington, DPT

Cache Kennington, DPT “I became a physical therapist because I wanted to help people. Since beginning my practice, I’ve found that I really enjoy not just developing relationships with my neighbors here in Star Valley but the opportunity to help improve their quality of life. As a physical therapist, it’s exciting to have the expertise … Continued