Ezekial Mendenhall, DPT

Zeke Mendenhall DPT “I enjoy helping people understand how they can help themselves. It’s exciting to see how patients can gain confidence in their ability to improve their function at home, work, or recreation. I enjoy all aspects of Physical Therapy, from home health, hospital, to outpatient.” Phone: 307-883-7878 Fax: 307-883-7877 Certifications & Education DPT: … Continued

Jason Sharp, MD

Jason Sharp, MD “I feel that it is important to hear what the patient has to say. The best part of my job is getting to know my patients. I enjoy being able to help families stay happy, healthy, and strong.” Family Practice, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Women’s Health Phone: 307-883-5852 Fax: 307-883-4436 Specialties Please Note: … Continued

Martha Hageman, MD

Martha Hageman, MD “I seek to listen to each patient’s individual narrative in a non-judgmental way, and I view my role as an educator and support for my patients, helping them to combat illness and medical problems as they arise and hopefully, prevent illness when possible.” Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Women’s Health Phone: 307-883-5852 Fax: 307-883-4436 … Continued

Dan Jeske, MPT

Dan Jeske, MPT “I love helping people, and I’ve always enjoyed putting myself in situations where I can help someone who needs it. I became a physical therapist because it involves helping people and making a real difference in their lives each and every day. I strive to give them all the time and attention … Continued

Dave Johnson, MPT

Dave Johnson, MPT “In college, I loved learning about anatomy and physiology. In addition, one of my mentors when I was young was a physical therapist. Together, these helped me to know that becoming a physical therapist was the right choice for me. It is a joy to get to know my patients, spend time … Continued

Billy Kennington, MOT, OTR/L, CHT

Billy Kennington, MOT, OTR/L, CHT “Most of the time, when patients are referred for skilled therapy, they are at one of the lowest points in their lives. I thoroughly enjoy helping them find hope and assisting them in restoring functional independence through hard work. Having a vocation that allows many clients to first come to … Continued

Sean Knighton, NP

Sean E. Knighton, MSN, APRN “I was certified in my teens as a wilderness medicine first responder, and I had several experiences that put my training to the test. They also caused me to set aside my initial educational pursuits in favor of healthcare. I enjoy the process of figuring out the sometimes puzzling medical … Continued

Niki Milleson, DO

Niki Milleson, DO “I love being able to care for—and make a difference in the lives of—entire families. It’s also rewarding, as an osteopathic physician, to do what I was trained for: taking care of the whole patent, not just the ‘pieces and parts.’ Osteopathic manipulation gives me an additional tool for diagnosing and treating … Continued

Kristen Simpson, COTA/L

Kristen Simpson, COTA/L “I enjoy being able to interact with people and getting to know the community. I hope I am able to help them become stronger and be able to participate more fully in their everyday occupations.” Phone: 307-885-7878 Fax: 307-885-7877   Certifications & Education BS:Occupational Therapy Assistant , Casper College – Casper, WY … Continued