don't delay healthcare during pandemic

Just over a year ago COVID-19 changed our lives dramatically. Now, with vaccines widely available, things are finally getting back to normal.

Did you postpone your healthcare during the pandemic? If so, it’s time to catch up. Whether you need your annual physical, help managing a chronic condition, or a diagnosis of a concerning lump, Star Valley Health is here to provide all your healthcare needs. Our providers can help you remotely with a telehealth visit or onsite at the hospital or clinics, where we have adopted rigorous safety and cleaning protocols to help keep you healthy.

Skipping appointments is risky and can lead to complications. If you have any health or well-being needs, we’re ready to see you now. Don’t delay your care any longer.

Cancer screenings

When it comes to finding — and fighting — cancer, timing can make the difference between life and death. Routine screenings for breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer and other malignancies are coming due for many people now that we’ve gone nearly a year since the pandemic’s start. Procrastinators and those with health insurance disruptions may have gone even longer than a year. For some people, such as those who have a personal or family history of cancer, the need to catch up is pressing.

Mental health management

Just as the pandemic has put extra stress on those suffering from physical ailments, it has taken a toll on people with mental health problems. Though many health care providers have expanded virtual options for getting mental health and substance abuse treatment in the U.S., we’re still seeing high rates of drug overdose and emergency room visits for mental health crises.

Don’t let the pandemic lead you to postpone psychiatric appointments, including those that require in-person interactions. Regular visits for long-acting psychiatric drug injections, for example, or for drug screening tests and medicine pickups for patients in medication-assisted treatment programs need to continue uninterrupted. And blood tests for medicine titrations should also be kept up to date.

Don’t wait to get care – people have put off doctor visits and screenings through the pandemic that are now leading to undiagnosed illnesses.

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