Star Valley Health has a dietician that is truly remarkable.  Troy Bailey describes himself as a “realistic dietician”.  He speaks with his clients about paths to nutrition that are workable. “Everyone is different and their bodies are diverse.  It’s not just a one step program.”  With health at the forefront like never before, vitamins and […]

Summertime in Wyoming is spent outdoors enjoying the wilderness, lakes, and mountains. And the sun shines down through it all. Despite information about continued sun exposure without protective sunblocks or clothing; many of us are at risk for sunburn and skin damage. A Sunburn is easily diagnosed and treated with simple over the counter treatments, […]

As summer warms up, so does the activity of outdoor pests. Ticks can be an unwelcome visitor to anyone enjoying the wooded and brushy areas with high grass and leaf litter. The most common tick in Wyoming is the Rocky Mountain Wood tick. Provided below are some identification and tips for staying tick free this […]

Hospitalist noun hos·​pi·​tal·​ist /ˈhäspədələst/ an Internal Medicine specialist, Family Medicine specialist, or Pediatrician whose sole focus is to care for hospitalized patients.   With the goal of providing continuity of care for patients, the hospitalist’s role includes the following duties: Provide care for patients who do not have a primary care physician. Support and care […]

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