Star Valley Health is currently requesting that citizens in the 1a and 1b priority lists who desire the COVID-19 Vaccination utilize this online form to sign up. Our staff will then contact you to set up a vaccination date and time. This system allows us to provide the best service to our patients while minimizing […]

Afton COVID-19 Testing Center Location:901 Adams StAfton, WY 83110 Hours:8:00 am – 6:00 pmMonday – Saturday Find us at the southwest corner of the Afton Clinic building. Drive through the designated neon cones. Please do stay in your vehicle, put it in park and one of our healthcare staff will be out to serve you. […]

You hear this phrase a great deal right now, “the new normal”.  In our previous days of plenty, we have always just assumed there would be food and clothing, jobs and money. Amazon has been a click away & will get those necessities to you & FAST!  Now those days have been postponed.  While we […]

There are a lot of terms floating around right now that are not usually included in our day to day life or vocabulary. In order to help us decipher the news, we hope to provide simple definitions for these terms and in doing so answer questions such as “What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?” Active […]

Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), has entered our world and turned it upside down. Our day to day routines have been shaken to the core by a tiny little virus that began in a small market in Wuhan, China.  Suddenly, many of our nations’ people are out of work, our kids are at home, and there […]

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