What Does the New Normal Look Like?

You hear this phrase a great deal right now, “the new normal”.  In our previous days of plenty, we have always just assumed there would be food and clothing, jobs and money. Amazon has been a click away & will get those necessities to you & FAST!  Now those days have been postponed.  While we … Continued

Boost Your Financial Preparedness With These Two Tips

The planets seem to have all aligned for the month of April, and not to our benefit. Presently we’re facing a future of economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 virus and, ironically, it’s Financial Preparedness Month and Stress Awareness Month. Financial worries can cause enough stress on their own, but to have to deal with … Continued

Tips for Mental Wellness While Social Distancing

Although distancing is the right response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this can lead to some emotional and mental challenges including: loneliness, sadness, frustration, anxiety, and depression. So how can we help cultivate social well-being while avoiding infection? Here are some tips for staying mentally well: Connect with others. Talk with people you trust about your … Continued

Isolation, quarantine, and other confusing terms….

There are a lot of terms floating around right now that are not usually included in our day to day life or vocabulary. In order to help us decipher the news, we hope to provide simple definitions for these terms and in doing so answer questions such as “What’s the difference between isolation and quarantine?” Active … Continued

What are the benefits of Crossfit?

Crossfit is now a noun in the dictionary and is defined as, “a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise”.  As humans, we are generally competitive and innately want to push ourselves to be faster or stronger especially when there is someone right next to us either slightly ahead or … Continued


Depression, stress, anger, disappointment, sadness, fear, emotional pain are a part of life but hopefully not a daily constant. There are times when these feelings distract us to the point where we have trouble coping with our routine. A tool for combating these is mindfulness; reflexive meditation that places you in control of your emotions. … Continued