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The Alpine Expansion Project

Star Valley Health has provided healthcare services for over 20 years in our Alpine Clinic located at 230 Elk Run. In 2018, Star Valley Health opened an urgent care to supply better access to healthcare for the people of Alpine, and then began sending specialty services, such as orthopedics, general surgery, and therapy services to provide more convenient access for the Alpine community. It was soon apparent that the current facilities in Alpine had exceeded their capacities.

Star Valley Health realizes that Alpine is a vibrant and growing community and as such, its residents deserve a healthcare campus that can meet their needs. Perceiving this need, Star Valley Health has set a top priority to build a campus in Alpine that will house a larger family medicine clinic, urgent care, as well as specialty services such as orthopedics, pain management, dermatology, general surgery, and behavioral health.

lobby of the new Alpine expansion project at Star Valley Health

Why is it important?

Star Valley Health’s current success is in part due to the expansion of our orthopedic department into smaller underserved areas, bringing that business back to our hospital. This brings in revenue that allows us to afford more services that smaller hospitals typically can’t provide. The whole valley, Alpine to Afton, reaps the rewards of this practice. For example, a small hospital cannot justify the cost of a orthopedic surgeon specializing in upper extremities for only the residents of Star Valley, but finds it more affordable when that cost is offset by a larger population of patients.

By expanding our services in Alpine, Star Valley Health can provide a broader range of services for the whole area, as well as Alpine.

When will the expansion project begin?

Star Valley Health purchased property at the southeast corner of the Alpine Junction near, the entrance of the Alpine Meadows subdivision, and began breaking ground on November 2019 in preparation to kick off construction in the spring of 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed timeline on this project as it did for so many other things in the world.

The Trustees of North Lincoln County Hospital District remain steadfast in their belief that expansion of health services is much needed in the Alpine area.

The project will be completed in phases. The first phase of the campus development will feature an 11,000 square-foot health care facility that will house a much larger family medicine clinic, urgent care, orthopedics and local specialty physicians that include pain management; general surgery; ear, nose and throat; pediatric care; heart health; skin health; OB/GYN and women’s health; urology and behavioral health.

Eventually, Star Valley Health would like to expand the campus to include services that are most helpful to the Alpine/ northern Star Valley Community. The building has been designed with expansion of services in mind to grow with the Alpine community.

How much will this expansion cost?

In 2019, the 11,000 square foot building estimates came in from the Design Build Firm at  a cost of approximately $9 million.

How will this project be paid for?

While Star Valley Health has benefited from careful financial management in recent years, the organization is not immune to the effects of the current healthcare financial crisis. When you consider the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of business caused by the shut down, SVH must be more careful than ever. For this reason, Star Valley Health – like virtually every not-for-profit community hospital in the nation – must look to community philanthropic support to help fund the new healthcare campus in Alpine. Community support and donations to the project will be key in moving forward as the campus in Alpine develops. If you are interested in finding out more about giving opportunities at Star Valley Health, please contact Mike Hunsaker at 307-885-5887.

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