Pain Relieve Through Spinal Stimulation

Back Pain

What is Spinal Stimulation?

Spinal Stimulation is a method for relieving pain by sending low level electrical impulses through the spinal cord area via a very small electrical wire.

How are the electrical impulses administered?

Through a specialized device called a spinal cord stimulator (SCS), the electrical impulses are administered. The impulses travel down a very small electrical wire that is placed within the epidural space in your spine.

What are the benefits of Spinal Stimulation?

Electrical stimulation can result in very large decreases in pain. As a result, daily activities may be performed with less discomfort. In addition, less pain medication may also be required to manage your pain.

Who is an ideal candidate for Spinal Stimulation?

You may be a candidate for a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) if:

  • You suffer from Sciatica, Arachnoiditis, Multiple Sclerosis or spinal cord injury
  • Attempts at more alternative pain management methods have failed
  • Additional techniques are not appropriate or deemed as unhelpful


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