What is a hospitalist?


hos·​pi·​tal·​ist /ˈhäspədələst/

an Internal Medicine specialist, Family Medicine specialist, or Pediatrician whose sole focus is to care for hospitalized patients.

With the goal of providing continuity of care for patients, the hospitalist’s role includes the following duties:

  • Provide care for patients who do not have a primary care physician.
  • Support and care for patients whose primary care physician can’t see them in the hospital due to logistical challenges-such as distance.
  • Be readily available for admissions to the hospital on weekends, holidays, and nights when others might not be as available.
  • Respond quickly to emergencies that happen in the hospital.
  • Focus on patients who need more time and attention due to the severity of their illness.
  • Coordinate care with the other hospital team members such as nurses, therapists, and other physicians, by being readily available to work with them. Interact with family members hospital patients in order to address concerns as they arise.
  • Provide care for specialized post-surgical patients whose surgeons may not live in the area or whose medical complexity requires more careful management.
Tamara Cottam

Tamara Cottam, MD

Todd Haderlie

Todd Haderlie, MD

Star Valley Health is pleased to have Dr. Tamara Cottam and Dr. Todd Haderlie, both board-certified family physicians who are currently working as full-time hospitalists, to complement the excellent care offered by our primary care physicians.